The most cost effective solution for Web 3.0 Marketing Advisory

No equity deals, vesting contracts, or eye-watering invoices. Our marketing advisory solution is the most tailored option for Web 3.0/blockchain projects to acquire a marketing advisor for their project.

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The missing link for an Exhaustive Marketing Strategy

The essential avenues for marketing your Web 3.0 company are difficult to understand and optimise for a Web 2.0 educated team with orthodox strategies. Below are some methods that they can consult you on, but their expertise is BY NO MEANS limited to the following...

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Expert Strategies

Your assigned marketing advisory will have specific expertise in strategies of your business model. Whether it's DeFi, decentralised social media, NFTs, or digital identity, we have an advisor fit for your company.

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Viral Marketing

Particularly effective for NFT projects, viral marketing is something that your advisor can assist in orchestrating. The key, however, is to harness your virality while still promoting longevity. No one likes a one hit wonder ;)

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Influencer Marketing

From YouTubers to TikTok stars to Twitter influencers. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for gaining large amounts of interested eyes for your company.

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Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is much less limited in the Web 3.0 space. From exchange banners to AMAs, there's a myriad of options for paid advertising for your company, and your advisor can help make them happen!

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Having your company featured in a highly-reputable publication, is one of the best forms of authority and credibility for your project. You can find our list of relevant partners here.

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Social Media

Although The Web 3.0 Scaling System comes with a full social media team for your company, your marketing advisor can also contribute to our social media strategy.

About This Service

We Replace your Costly Advisory Expenses.

The marketing advisor/s that we assign to your company are CMOs, marketing agency owners, or seasoned marketing experts in a space most relevant to your business model. You'll have regular virtual meetings or phone calls with your advisor, as well as personal phone number access and a direct messaging system to consult with them whenever you'd like.

This solution is a simple, yet essential, breakthrough for expert marketing advisory. For Web 3.0 companies trying to understand the rapidly changing marketing landscape.

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Step 1

Strategy Sessions

As part of the marketing advisory pillar of your Web 3.0³ Scaling System, you'll get access to regular strategy sessions with you advisor.

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Step 2

Strategy plans

After each session, your advisor will write up or add to a compilaiton of strategy plans that you'll have concluded during your sessions.

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Step 3

Ongoing Communication

You'll have personal phone number access to your assigned marketing advisor, alongside the regular strategy meetings.

Our Process

The steps for success with your Web 3.0 Marketing Advisor

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