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Take your social media efforts to the next level

Having a strong social media presence as a Web 3.0 brand is essential right now. Not only does it provide inbound leads/users for your company, but it's the best form of social validity.

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what does it include?

What does your new W3SS Social Media Team offer you?

As part of The Web 3.0³ Scaling System, your company gets access to a full social media team. Some of the things the team will do for your project include...

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Content Strategy

We'll create and maintain a content strategy that synergises with your wider brand guidelines, while always focusing on your brand voice.

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Brand Awareness

This is a specifically valuable factor in social media marketing for Web 3.0/blockchain companies. We're at the dawn of Web 3.0 development and you have a unique opportunity to become a market leader.

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Growth Hacking

Our social media managers and growth hackers are constantly being educated on updated methods for efficiently and effectively growing followings on social media websites.

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Social Paid Advertising

The second pillar of the W3SS package is paid media, this team will also create and optimise paid advertising campaigns on your social media platforms .

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Social Audits

During our onboarding process, we conduct extensive audits on the  social media platforms that we take over (we can start from scratch and create brand new accounts).

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Social Media Management

The W3SS social media team that's allocated to your project will have social media account managers situated in 2-3 different time zones, allowing following engagement to continue around the clock.

About This Service

We completely transform your company's audience

The social media team you'll be given have headed social media campaigns with one of the top 3 centralised cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. As well as numerous other high-profile Web 3.0/blockchain projects. We're beyond passionate about marketing and realise how instrumental it is for the success of companies in your industry.

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Step 1

Social Media Content & Messaging

The first step of our social media strategy is to define the needs and most effective practises for the content we'l be delivering for your company.

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Step 2

Management & Execution

Your new expert team of social media wizards take the reigns at this stage to take full operation of your social media channel/s to enact the strategy that we've established.

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Step 3

Analyse & Scale

This is where we optimize! Analysing the results from this stage allows us to refine an ongoing approach to gain maximum awareness for your project.

Our Process

Our bulletproof process to win on Social Media

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